Here are some examples relating to our services

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Identification of development targets and undertaking of development plans.

Analysis of the current situation relating to financial administration and action proposals to be the basis of the development.

Development of cash management.

Analysis of the current financial management of the subsidiary and the proposals for further action.

Analysis of the problem points of the final accounts procedure, the development plan and implementation.




Manager or supervisor for the development project.

Reorganization of budget processes, tendering and selection of the systems, implementation of the development project within the organisation.

Development of management reporting, time scheduling and implementation.

Definition of the requirements of the new bookkeeping system, tendering, selection and management of the commissioning project.




Assistance in acquisitions.

Integration of the financial management after acquisition.

Management of the due diligence process of the company in a selling situation.

Analysis of the due diligence material of the acquisition target and the effect on the agreement.




Legal audit according to Finnish legislation.

Auditors’ opinions for example in financing situations or in the equity changes.

Special audit for example in bankrupsy situation or from the need of the Board.