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Client: Riihimäki-Hyvinkää Chamber of Commerce.

Challenge: Approved Board Member (ABM) lecturer – What should the board know about financial matters?

Solution: A lecturer with a broad knowledge of financial management.

There are already over 7,000 people around Finland who have completed the Chamber of Commerce ABM course. The aim of the course is to provide competent people for the boards of companies who promote business and support the growth of SMEs and can help companies to reach their goals. One aspect of the ABM course is financial monitoring and guidance.

Kaisa Kokkonen successfully got the participants to discuss about financial matters with enthusiasm and received excellent feedback from the students. (Anne Pevkur, CEO of Riihimäki-Hyvinkää Chamber of Commerce)


Client: Fit Biotech Oy.

Challenge: Sick-leave replacement for the chief financial officer and conducting the managerial reforms.

Solution: An experienced CFO leased from Akeba Oy.

Sudden sick leave during a busy time? And need for an outside perspective for developing financial management? Leased financial direction is becoming increasingly more common in Finland.

I thank our interim CFO, Kaisa Kokkonen, for her excellent contribution to the development of our company. (CEO, Erkki Pekkarinen)


Customer:Incap -Group, an international group providing electronics contract manufacturing, net sales about 40 M€.

Challenge:Reorganizing the financial function in years 2015-16 to address the new needs of the Group.

Solution:Partly outsourced, new financial function, which brought new ways of working and a new reporting tool. Kaisa Kokkonen from Akeba served as CFO consultant.

We are pleased to have had a professional outsourced CFO to renew our ways of working in the financial function. Co-operation with Kaisa was easy-going and forward looking.

MoskitoCustomer: Moskito-Group, the turnover is approx. 15 M€, part of the Nice Group

Challenge: New operational methods within the company also required the financial management to operate in a new way, for example in the management reporting and the processing of the purchase invoices.

Solution: An optimal management reporting process and a processing model of the purchase invoices for the company was created together with the customer. Also the job descriptions of the financial management were renewed at the same time.


When things have been done using the same model for years, there is a need for an outsider to open eyes and to call the familiar operational methods and their alteration into question. Being engaged in managing daily routines makes one somehow blind, yet knowing that something should be done but not knowing what. Insights, that’s what we got! And now they have been taken nicely into practise. [Financial Manager Liisi Salo, Moskito Group]

NorpeCustomer: Norpe Group, part of the Viessman Group, an international industrial company manufacturing refrigeration equipment, turnover approx. 140 M€

Challenge: An international and growing Group needs, for example, reporting to speed up and approval practises to clarify joint ways for operation.

Solution: The Controllers’ Manual describing the pursued operational models common to all the parties is to be created together with the customer.

The project progressed nicely, professionally and flexibly by listening to the customer. [Financial Manager Riitta Järnstedt, Norpe]

FlowroxCustomer: Flowrox Oy, an international industrial flow, control and pumping technology equipment and service supplier, a family enterprise, turnover approx. 30 M€

Challenge:  In the parent company of a growing and international Group the purchase invoices were circulated on paper and the Group’s final accounts were undertaken using Excel.

Solution: Description of current processes and future needs in joint workshops, search for suitable solutions and recommendations for operational methods and systems.

The need for financial e-management was obvious but for the mapping of the options we needed additional skilled resources. We are happy to recommend Akeba as a skilled and flexible partner. [Financial Director Aarno Laukkanen and Accounting Director Eija Nikkilä, Flowrox]